The headquarters of the Parish - Carvalhais

Located on the road from the Bottom of the Village, in Carvalhais, was built in the decade of 70 of century XX. The costs of its construction were supported, in full, by the now defunct Board of the Parish of Carvalhais by revenues deriving essentially from the sale of trees and resin.
The building consists of three floors, which were initially provided for the services of the junta de freguesia, post doctor, room cultural and warehouse. Before the do not use the medical station, the offices have been adapted to the services of the parish council.
In the basement of the building for a few years, worked the bar in the sports team, the Carvalhais Football Club. Subsequently, this space went to work as space internet and ATL.
The building included also the Kindergarten of Carvalhais worked uninterruptedly for three decades, up to the year 2010.
Currently the building functions primarily for the services of the Parish council, with the auditorium, the room of the secretary/treasury, meeting rooms, room, file, and other spaces for serving the public, vocational training and other activities. In the basement of the building there are two spaces that serve as headquarters for the Club Motard (Os Falhados) and Carvalhais Football Club.